About TellusTalk

TellusTalk AB was established in June 1998 with the mission to provide access to Internet based messaging services.
The company’s objective is to expand the functionality of our client’s email-, production and ERP systems by providing channels for communication A2P – Application to Person.

Our secure, technically advanced platform provides our customers with 2-way communication on payment channels such as Paypal, Swish, Dibs, Debitech and Payson as well as traditional messaging channels such as SMS, Link-SMS, Voice-SMS, Email, MMS and Fax.

The platform is designed for high-volume, simultaneous 2-way communication on multiple channels.

Tellustalk’s services are optimized for corporate use. No maintenance or installation, minimal administration, detailed invoice specification and prices that reduce the cost for corporate customers from day one.

Today, TellusTalk has over 1000 customers (companies within many different business areas, municipalities, country districts and authorities). Our clients are varying in size and the geographical spread. TellusTalk’s services are frequently used within transportation and logistics, health care, Marketing (Customer Clubs & loyalty programs), HR, Alarm management, inspection (MMS), security (2-way authentication) and news alerts.

The company is privately held and since 2006 ranked in the top company credit rating category. The annual revenue
for the group exceeds 9 MEUR and the annual revenue growth rate is 10% on average.