Two-way SMS

– send your message to anyone, anywhere.

Receive the replies instantly in your email or your applications.


High Quality SMS with pre paid interconnect fee ensures a quick and reliable delivery. Global Coverage.


SMS Reply

The message originator for your SMS message is automatically set using a dynamic number. The recipient's reply will be sent back to you along with your original message, using the communication channel of your choice.


Like MMS, but better! SMS message containing a web link. The web link can contain pictures, documents and video! Replies to your Link-SMS can include text, attachments as well as GPS positioning.

Send Payment Request with SMS

Straight to the recipients phone! With a click they can pay with credit card, PayPal and others, you get a notification as soon as it is done!

Secure SMS

Send sensitive information via SMS, only your chosen recipients can read. Electronic identification using Digital Signature.

E-sign with SMS

Use SMS to send agreements or notifications for sign-off. The recipient can open, review and sign with e-signatures. Electronic signatures are legally binding and the signed document is sent back to you right away.


Virtual number

Get your own virtual mobile number and put it on your website and social media. Let your customers send SMS or MMS to you, and receive their enquiries where it's easy to track them. Choose from one or a combination of our channels.


Short code

Great for advertising campaigns. Easy to remember. Get your own keyword or combination of keywords, receive SMS or MMS using the communication channel of your choice.


Auto reply

You can specify an automatic, instant reply to those who sent you a message. The reply content can be dynamic, for example adjusted to a certain time or weekday.

More features?

You will find all the features of our services here!

Also, always in the SMS service


Delivery report

Delivery report functionality is always included. Reports are sent to you using a communication channel of your choosing with the settings you prefer.

Real time logs

The logs are in real time for all transaction types. They are available on the web interface or via API.


Statistics for your messages are avaliable on the web interface or using API.


Dynamic sender

Choose how you want the message originator to be displayed, as a short text, as a landline or mobile phone number. Set it as default or customize it with each message.


Concatenated messages

Send long messages as SMS. One SMS can only contain 160 characters, so we will automatically divide your text into as many continuous SMS as needed.



The text is delivered directly to the mobile phone display without being stored in the memory. Perfect for delivering one time passwords.



Some special characters and emojis are required to be sent in Unicode. This functionality is automatically activated in the TellusTalk platform.



We support binary SMS, usually used for sending ringtones, icons, settings and so on.


Text 2 Speech

Combine you text message with a voice call to raise attention. The text in your message will automatically be read by a synthetic voice. 18 languages are available. Send easily using your email, web or API.

Four great ways to access the services


The Web Toolbox is the easiest way to access the full functionality of the TellusTalk messaging platform. You can design and store your messages, bulk sendings and target groups on the web. Available everywhere, anytime.


Perfect for your mobile or tablet, only the bare essentials to send and receive messages.

Email, SMTP

Use your Email when sending and receiving messages. Works instantly with any Email client, both locally and on the web. Delivery reports can be sent back to your Email.

API, Gateway

Connect your systems and applications. TellusTalk supports a wide range of API's including REST, XML, JSON and HTTP. We will of course also support your integration project, all the way.

Possibly the best collection of support and services there is…

Support 24/7

24/7 English and Swedish speaking support. Call us on +46 8 509 126 10 or send an email to
On our Wiki pages you will also find documentation and instructions if you prefer.


Complete global coverage on all communication channels. Be sure to reach your target audience wherever they may be.


Our fast and scalable cloud platform allows us to promise uninterrupted and secure message deliveries even during the most extreme traffic loads. Automated buffering is used to accomodate operator interfaces.