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  • Extended login is now available
    We have just released two-factor authentication (2FA) to further increase security during login to our web interfaces. This means that you or your company can choose to increase the login security on your account. Besides your ordinary user credentials there is an additional one-time password delivered to you by SMS ...
  • New URL for our services
    Hi, Time for another new feature and that is a change of the URL for our services. It have already been changed but the previous URL’s are still supported. So no worries! That said, we strongly encourage everyone to make the change to the new URL as seen below. A ...
  • Electronic signature and BankID-protected messages made simpler!
    Hi everyone! We have made the addressing easier when you send your signature and login requests through mail and SMS. And please remember that these services are only available in Sweden. Electronic signature – add .sign Send as SMS From your email send to, for example Using our webbinterface ...

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